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for you. plus, kron 4 is your new year's eve, team coverage of celebrations around the bay area and the on new year's eve, little reason to celebrate on capitol hill as congress sends the government over the fiscal cliff. at least for now. the president expressing his frustration at the partisan deadlock over spending cuts and taxes. >>> with this congress, that was obviously too much to hope for at this time. >> reporter: the senate is still expected to vote on the package tonight. but the house has adjourned until noon tomorrow. kron four's dan kerman is here to tell us how this all unfolded and what going over the cliff means for many americans. >> reporter: the house's decision to delay the vote means unemployment checks for 12 million americans could stop or atleast be delayed. it could also mean that federal workers could be furloughed. >> it could also lead to layoffs of private sector employees that sell goods and services to the federal government. now earlier in the day the president was optimistic the cliff could be avoided. here's how the day
next at 11. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.details on san francisco's second murder of the year. and bart police are looking a homicide outside a plus.kron-4 is in atlanta ready for a trip to the controversy surrounding star tonight at 11 -- san francisco police are second murder this year. and killed while driving near fillmore and geary streets around five-thirty this evening. multiple shots at a black four door car. authorities say the suspect got away in a white or silver car. the victim later died at san francisco general. the suspect is only described as a black male, who was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> in the middle of the day when you think it is safe now you have to worry about getting shot. >> tonight - police are investigating another deadly shooting at a san leandro bart station. the bay fair bart station was reopened a couple hours ago. the shooting killed one person and injured another. kron4's alecia reid has the >> over dozens of shell casings were counted at the scene it. this man was shot dead and a
. "crime victims" (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.many residents voiced their concerns at the oakland public safety meeting. the man who just spoke. is referring to former los angeles police chief bill bratton. tonight at 11. the oakland safety committee will decide whether to hire crime fighting consultant bill bratton, to try and curb the spike in violence in the city. bratton's carreer in policing has brought him to some of the biggest departments in the country. he formerly served as police chief in los angeles and police commissioner in new york city and boston. residents are concerned about the former l-a police chief's controversial tactics, they say could lead to racial profiling. kron 4's reggie kumar is live outside city hall. reggie has a decision been reached yet? >> this is still a work in progress and i cannot want to throw this away. >> stop lying to the city. it this is just a matter strategy of gentrification that we are seeing every day. >> as opposed to future funding of international terrorists such as bill brighton. >> you real
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> we are going to check and with all our reporters. on the scene. >> 1, 2, 3. >> happy new year. we will see you. >> jacqueline: it is definitely called out there tonight. we did see cloud coverage that is why it is willie called right now, right now it is freezing. 30's through vallejo. 40's and san jose. mostly clear. and 20's bay-area wide card with frost and mostly sunny skies. for this week, we will keep it cold but have it for a warmer afternoon. taking a look,. >> coming up, the fiscal cliff, details coming up. >> the writers of a firing some of their coaches but not their head coach. and the 49ers, heading off to the playoffs. >> rain in the new year. raininrating and rining in the new year ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. ".auld lang syne music" ash >>> hundreds of thousands of people crowded into new
tv and internet. rethink possible. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight at eight. police in oakland are looking for the suspects who opened fire on an s-u-v. and shot an eight- year- old girl. the shooting happened at about 2-30 today. on 65th aveneue. kron-4's reggie kumar is live at children's hospital in oakland tonight. with the latest on the childs' condition. and the search for the suspects. reggie? >> she is expected to survive >> reporter: let me show you the video of this scene from earlier. oakland investigators of the there was a car filled with several individuals it pulled into the driver or this black s u v was part and it started shooting. the girl was standing on the sidewalk in was hit by gunfire. she was not the intended target. oakland police chief howard jordan are trying to figure out a motive. >> we do not know how this started. we are looking to find out the suspects information. >> the authorities are still trying to find the suspects. reporting live in oakland, kron 4. >> new tonight at eight. a california s
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> announcer: the game is over! it's the 49ers are going to the super bowl. of >> the 18-year-drought is over. the 49ers beat the falcons - 28-24, winning a spot in superbowl 47. against the baltimore ravens. tonight - kron4 has live team coverage -- from san francisco to atlanta - as the celebration rages on. >> good evening i'm vicki liviakis - full highlights on the game ahead. but first - kron4's dan kerman is live in the mission district - dan? >> reporter: >> reporter: things are quiet tonight we thought that there were going to be celebrations with people setting fires in the mission district like after the giants with that is not the case tonight guar. let me show you the police presence in the mission district tonight. just about 20 minutes ago, there was a fight at the bart station. at least 15-20 police officers in 60 seconds. they are in this area and they are not going to have a repeat from the giants. let me show you video from earlier. this was right after the giants had victory. you can see
for $29 a month for six months. at&t. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.breaking news at eight o- >> pam: a massive search is underway for suspects in oakland. after a report of an officer-involved shooting. it happened about an hour and a half ago on the 17- hundred block seminary avenue. near east 17th street in oakland. kron-4's dan kerman is live on the scene. with what we know. dan? >> we can see about three blocks down the that is the 1700 block of seminary there are a lot of information that is not confirmed. it is an officer involved in shooting. there are several suspects with high-powered weapons. oakland police are awakening to the area looking for those suspects at this time. as far as victims? we do not have as mannumber of victims. oakland police are-aware-and scouring the area looking for suspects these three blocks for and right now, we are at the 2002 hundred block of seminary. >> pam: let me ask you, dan. our police going door to door? for the police going door-to-door >> reporter: we are just three blocks away and if they are
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> >> the truth isn't what i said. venom back on a lifetime of lies. >> armstorng: i've said it for 7 years, i've said if for longer than 7 years, i have never doped. >> pam: in a single word he confesses that all his cycling triumphs are the result of cheating. >>oprah: did you ever take banned substances to enhance your performance? >> armstorng: yes. >> pam: lance armstrong makes his first public admission of using performance enhancing drugs. during a lengthy interview with oprah winfrey. after a decade of defiance and deinal. the disgraced cyclnig champion changes course. and acknowledges that he couldn't have won a record 7-tour-de-france titles. without doping. grant lodes joins us now with more from tonight's tell-all interview. >> from testosterone, to human growth hormones. he said that the use them for all seven victories he did not think it was human the possibly seven consecutive times without using this has doping. >> i see this as one big lie and i repeat it bailout. as you said it is not
'm pam moore. we'll see you at eight. (male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> his owner calls him mr. teeth. alameda county sheriff's deputies say this five foot alligator was guarding a marijuana stash at the home of a suspected drug dealer. in pittsburg, an apparent burglary attempt ends with the death of an intruder. now the homeowner's wife is under arrest. police say she arranged the the reason: infidelity and a >> romance she had with with another individual. >> pam: and baseball's hall of fame slams the door on three star players kron four's gary radnich gives us his take on the rejection of barry bonds, sammy sosa and roger clements. >> tonight at eight. a deadly home invasion. that police say has more to the story than meets the eye. four people are in custody. in connection to the stabbing death of a man, who they apparently hired to intimidate another man. to move out of his pittsburg apartment. the alledged ring leader is this woman. who police say, hired the phony burglar who was killed by her estranged husband. kron-4's aleica reid sorts
. rethink possible. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts at eight. new information on the developing story we've been following tonight. police searching a home in san francisco, in connection with the 19-84 disappearance of kevin collins. the latest on the search. plus, new reaction from family members and neighbors. i'm pam moore. we'll see you at eight. developing tonight at eight o-clock. a new search for answers in a decades- old disappearance. investigators swarm a san francisco home. looking for clues about the fate of 10- year- old kevin collins. the san francisco boy who went kron-4's justine waldman begins our live team coverage. of this still developing story. from san francisco's haight- ashbury neighborhood. with today. justine? just moments ago. we heard from one of kevin collin's brothers. who opened up about the new developments in the case. >> we had cadaver dogs they were discovered underneath the crotch. those phones were taken for testing. further analysis will be done to find out exactly what the nature of those bones are, human
with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> oakland police are searching for the suspects who opened fire on an s-u-v. and wound up shooting an eight- year- old girl. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the shooting happened at about 2-30 this afternoon. on 65th aveneue. the girl was taken to children's hospital in oakland. kron-4's reggie kumar is live in oakland tonight. with the latest. reggie? >> we spoke with the girls on goal.and she is expected to e okay. the girl's uncle-says that she is expected to be okay. this is where the s u v was playing where she was hit by gunfire. she was not the intended target. police chief howard and jordan are still trying to figure out the motive. >> we do not know how this started we are still dealing with this and we are looking to find out what happened in terms of suspects information. >> there is no suspect or their such description. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> pam: new at 11. all- nippon airways has now cancelled all 7-8-7 flights to t
) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> at this point i am just numb. >> pam: at 11 -- a mother waiting for answers as today police swarm a san francisco home. digging for clues in the kevin collins. who went missing in 1984. here's a map to show a couple of key locations in this case. on the day kevin went missing, he left basketball practice at saint agnes high school in the haight. he was last seen at oak street and masonic. today -- bones were found in a home on masonic. near page street. kron-4's reggie kumar begins our live team coverage in san francisco. reggie, what's the latest? >> reporter: the bones were discovered on the masonic st. but they are from an animal, not a human. san francisco investigators say cadavar dogs indicated the presence of possible human remains under the concrete floor of this home near the 1100 block of masonic street. several people spent most of tuesday removing large chunks of concrete, and dirt in order to locate the remains. once they were found, the medical examiner determined they were animal bones. so they may not be linked
it out. the 59-year-old man died. a kron-4 crew is on the way to the scene -- we will bring you more details as we get them tonight. >>> now at five - a police chase in san francisco ended with two people being killed. the suspect is behind bars. to people ended up in the hospital. it also two people ended up a hospital-- >>> you're looking at surveillance video. police say a man ran other driver off the road - and into a liquor store. the suspect also hit a pedestrian. kron4 has team coverage. maureen kelly talked to the man whose store was hit. but first - alecia reid is live near 21st street and van ness - with more on the investigation. >> reporter: there are two people dead and there is another person in a hospital with life-threatening injuries. the man responsible is also in a hospital but he is expected to be okay. >> the guy was stopped did not want to be caused and took off. because he tried to get away he crashed into this car and it cost two lives. >> reporter: the driver of this black car with shots fired near valencia gardens. as the officers approached the vehicle
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> breaking news tonight out of hayward. a big rig jack-knifed on interstate 8-80. causing a traffic mess. right now, multiple southbound lanes are blocked. near "a" street. i'm pam moore -- kron4's dan kerman is live near the scene. dan what do we know? >> reporter: pam, let me show you the traffic is moving slow. this happened around 2:00 p.m. a tractor trailer with a double trailer jackknifed. let me show you from this video and it hit the guard rail on the right. as a result it hit the number four lanes, the number five lane and spilled 30 gal.-40 gal. of diesel fuel and impacting bushes along the roadside. the tractor-trailer was able to be removed just a few moments ago but the cleanup continues. as a result, we can see the number 50 right lane of remain closed for at least one-two hours, possible. the number four lanes will be open, soon. traffic is still slow the only deal would be the warrior game from earlier it is slow from the coliseum but that's a big rig is a out of the way. the cleanup
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. with breaking news. >> pam: breaking news tonight. 49ers wide receiver - michael crabtree being investigated for an alleged sexual assault. this. less than 48-hours before kickoff. of the n-f-c championship game between the 49-ers and the atlanta falcons. kron-4's j-r stone is outside team headquarters in santa clara. with the late breaking details. jr? >> reporter: i have learned of this information in the last 60 minutes. i have been trying to contact those with the san francisco 49ers. they just got on the plane four hours ago. it is heading to a plant up. i have sent e-mails asking if this will change his status. keep in mind, that he has had nine touchdowns, 1111 rushing yards this incident happened in a hotel room and is being investigated. they say that michael crabtree has not been detained owe are only learning about this in the last 60 minutes. if you're just joining us >> this just in to the kron 4 news room the police department is investigating as of sexual assault involving san francisco 4
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight at eight: a bay area real estate company the target of a federal raid. >> bunch of people, fbi and cars >> pam: it happened in el sobrante just a few hours ago at pinnacle realty on appian way. agents carted off evidence in front of astonished neighbors. >> computers, and everything they owned, it looked like. they were bringing them to their cars. unmarked cars, tonight we're learning new details about the man who runs the office which was raided. this was the scene from sky- 7-h-d. as agents emerged from the office of pinnacle realtors in el sobrante. with boxes of evidence. employees there. reportedly had no idea why. kron 4's j.r. stone has been following the story since it broke this afternoon, and has new details tonight. >> fbi agents scouring through fbi realtors. >> take a look there is the fbi over there. >> the -- went to panicle realtors-this is video from the pinnacle real-estate office. papers and file folders everywhere. >> it is scary. this is sealed. this man who runs this is a forme
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.the bay area counting down the remaining hours of the resolutions for the new >>> kron four has a preview of tonight. five thousand fireworks. >>> on the east coast, the new year's ball drops just one hour from now. one million new yorkers are crammed into times square. >> it is a chilly night >> it is frigidly cold, >>> but in the nation's capital, no one's breaking out the champagne. at least not in public. >> it looks like i'm gonna be spending new year's here in dc. >>> congress fails to meet its the fiscal cliff. the u.s. will go over the fiscal cliff tonight at midnight. because of a decision by the republican- led house of representatives to adjourn until tomorrow. and yet despite this decision, we are hearing that. though a day late. congress and the white house have reached a deal. kron 4's dan kerman is here with the very latest on this developing story. >> reporter: the bush tax cut expire at midnight, and if nothing is done, taxes go up for middle class americans. that is what everyone is tryin
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. tonight at 11. we start with a developing story out of oakland. where police say five people have been shot. the incident happened at a home on seminary avenue shortly before eight-this evening. authorities say all five victims are in stable condition. police do not have any suspects in custody. authorites say the suspects fled the scene in a car. we'll continue to bring you the latest on kron4's morning newscast starting at 4 a-m. >> tonight at 11. terrifying moments on telegraph hill. police say a man attacked a woman last night. breaking into her san francisco home. assaulting and attempting to rape her. police say 25-year-old jovan jones was eventually tracked down. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. that may not have happened so quickly if not for a good samaratan getting involved. tonight at eight. we tell you about terrifying moments on telegraph hill. police say a man attacked a woman last night. breaking into her san francisco home. assaulting and attempting to rape her. police say 25-year-
bay area highway. so they can do this. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts another big story. >> hardcore niners fans came out to wish their team luck on their journey to the big easy today. the team had a tight schedule. so only media was allowed into the area where they were loading up. the players and coaches did not have time to speak to the press. they just walked by. the team seemed upbeat. most of them supporting smiles. once the team was loaded up the five buses drove past the crowd that gathered out front. where hundreds of fans cheered them on. although you couldn't see through the dark tinted bus window. 49ers faithful believe there is a special bond between them and the players. >> no autographs but i just wanted to show with the team that we are all here for them and we will be here when they come back. they saw us and we love them. >> hours later. the 49ers touched down in new orleans around 5 p-m our time zone. you can see the 49ers flag waving from the top of the plane. the team and their families piled into five buses. that too
. >> catherine: stay with us as we continue. updates are available on for facebook fan page banta twitter. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room football related 49ers kicker david acres that you see it is talking about receiving death thr eats last week. he has revealed that heat has double hernia surgery. his first year in the san francisco he was great with making 44 of the 52 field goals. so far, not as much and gary radnich will have more coming up with a possible replacement for david acres. that is coming up. >> catherine: he's arguably the most vocal member of the san francisco giants. now - sergio romo is being accused of being a little 'too' vocal with airport security workers in las vegas. the relief pitcher is in trouble after an outburst in the security line. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us with more. >> reporter: catherine, you and i both know that sergio romo is one of the most colorful players on the san francisco giants. during the world series parade he wore a shirt that said, i just look illegal, an image that went viral. las vegas polic
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.tonight at 11. >> freezing weather sticking around the bay area tonight. earlier. people in san jose bundled up. trying to stay warm. layering with jackets and hats. and in the north bay. frigid temperatures this morning. here's video of san rafael. where it dipped into the twenties. a freeze warning and frost advisory is in effect tonight. i'm here with kron4's jacqueline bennett in the weather center. she has more on just how cold it's going to get tonight. >> it is freezing here in the studio and i feel bad for people. 33 in livermore. darden 9 through half moon bay. is to say, it is going to be cold 20's and '30's for the morning lows. as for goal for the morning hours a bit of relief but we are going to wake up to frosty and temperatures in your neighborhood, coming up >> freezing temperatures are creating a high demand for portable heaters. in fact, some stores are running out and may not get anymore until after this cold snap. our team coverage continues. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us which
. kron4's philippe djegal was there for the game. what was the vibe like in there, philippe? >> and now it is just one-4 against the packers but they turned in a great game. as you mentioned, college kaepernick was a bit rough in the beginning he threw a interception and then he threw for two more touchdowns, rushed for two touchdowns. and he ran for a hundred 80 yds. and he threw at 2 2/360. special teams gave them the entire amazing game showmanship, listen. >> nobody! >> kaepernick was amazing. and to unbelievable! >> kaepernick. >> kaepernick! janu we're going to be here next week again, faithful. >> unbelievable. he is definitely our >> i never doubted it. not for one second. who is going to be? those two teams will play tomorrow. and they will square against the game. stay tuned, gary radnich will have your complete four sports, coming up later. >> our team coverage continues. kron4's alecia reid hung out with some 49ers faithfuls at mccovey's in walnut creek during tonight's game. >> reporter: the tables were reserved well in advance. people were early were disappointed that othe
our 49ers team coverage with kron4's scott rates. he's live at san jose international airport where the 49ers are about to touch down after today's big win against the falcons. so scott when are they expected to land? >> reporter: in 18 minutes. a 11:80 that is actually a little bit ahead of schedule with a tail wind. a 11-18. let me show you with the route. they are going to land at san jose international and their jets will swing right around. you can see the stairwell where they will get into some much needed rest. we are waiting with a lot of anticipation. everybody is very excited. of 11:18. we will bring that to you updated. so, the san francisco 49ers the nfc chance everybody is excited to >> and kron4's philippe djegal hit the streets of sanwhere he ran into celebrating fans after the >> they certainly know how to party. the excelsior district. immediately following they poured onto mission district. who has cut a better than us? nobody. >> it is harbaugh vs harbaugh! we are going to take it all the way. >> it kind of looked like they would not get it but it looks like it is
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> a fierce two- alarm fire detroys a three- story building in oakland. the raging fire broke out just after five -this evening this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. from earlier this evening. kron 4's philippe djegal is live at the scene. where the fire investigation is still ongoing tonight. philippe? >> reporter: pam, we are on the 600 block of harrison. the fire department said that this is been vacant quite for some time. even squatters could be the cause for this fire. three men actually were found on the top of the roof on the next building of this burning structure. they have been treated. there is a company that is boarding up the windows and as you can see there or at least for water hoses onto the building. at least four of them. at 5: 21 they were able to contain the fire within three hours it was completely controlled. the never fire never hopped to a n adjacent building structures for however, this is what"take a look at what the scene looked like earlier." the
(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.a car plunges into a 15-foot-deep body of water near along a san jose expressway. and despite the efforts of first responders. the driver could not be saved. tonight. investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. and why. good evening. the crash happened along the almaden expressway onramp to highway 85 late this afternoon. witness rushed to try to myths rescue the woman. but were unable to reach her. a dive team from the santa clara county sheriff's department was called in to get her out. but by the time they got there. she had been underwater for nearly 45- minutes. kron-4's scott rates has more. >> take a look >>this just in to the kron 4 news room this it driver missed the ramp and ended up hopping over the curve. and just over the curb. she smashed into the pond. people were getting into the water. 45 minutes later, fire and rescue, that woman out to. she was rushed to santa clara valley medical center where she was pronounced dead. >> we did have a deep dive team come out to get them out of the v
area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>> byrne. her body was discovered lake tahoe.and tonight.a vigil was held in her memory in petaluma. we start our team coverage tonight in lake tahoe. kron 4's philippe djegal is there with the latest. philippe? >> reporter: she was found by utility workers. it was spotted friday morning, 10 ft. off of pioneer trail. >> it was found by utility workers she was discovered. they found the body on a large and pavement. >> she was fully clothed and a tattoo helped to identify the body. >> there does not seem to be anything foul play. the el dorado couny sheriff's department says crews planned on searching for alyssa byrne in the snow this morning. but before they left. she had already been found. the last time the el dorado county sheriff's department says 19-year-old alyssa byrne was seen. eve. that is until her body was spotted friday morning. ten feet off pioneer trail near black bart avenue. lieutenant pete van arnum says she was fully clothed. he says a tatoo helped identify her body. byrne was found about five miles away from this hotel. w
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. we have a live report on a woman who was the victim of an attempted robbery with a stun gun! and in the south bay. a sweep of homeless camps. leads to more than half a dozen arrests of sex offenders! we tell you what prompted the search. next a woman is shocked in the face by a suspect with a stun gun. near a san francisco intersection. police say, the suspect was after the victim's cell phone. we go live to the scene of the attack. that's where we find kron 4's philippe djegal. philippe - the attack >> yes, pam. police say the attack happened in broad daylight. with several witnesses in the area. one of those witnesses also tells me the attack happened at this bus stop. but in the end. the suspect left empy handed. this is an example of what police say a man used to try and rob a woman of her purse and cellphone tuesday. witnesses say the suspect and the victim then got into a scuffle at this bus stop on divisadero at haight street at around 1-20 in the afternoon. police say the suspect stunned the woman
to a better night's sleep ♪ (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: a new perspective tonight on the friday morning kidnapping of a teenage girl in san jose. this is security footage of the girl breaking away from her would- be abductor. and running down the sidewalk in an attempt to escape. she did get away. tonight, kron-4's philippe djegal spoke with a neighbor who describes what she saw that morning. >> i and yelled to my husband. >> reporter: this woman and heard a loud to scream. >> once i opened the door she ran that way and th man of ran the other way. >> the she said that she looked angry. >> how did you feel? >> issue is very sout of said tariff >> reporter: she only saw a dark clothing. >> -- i think that she was very upset i do not even think that she was so even heard me >> and she was obsessed. i was surprised to see her out so early alone. she does not believe that a she has seen this man in this neighborhood, before. phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> pam: we are learning more about the two teenagers who were shot on an el cerrito trail yest
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing at five -- controversy over anti-gay remarks made by a 49ers player. the comments come just days before super-bowl 47. good evening, i'm pam moore. we'll sit down with our sports director gary radnich in a moment. but first, kron4's j-r stone is live in new orleans -- to tell us what was said to cause the up-roar -- j.r? >> reporter: the comments were only 30 to 40 seconds. but it has caused controversy, take a listen. >> i want to hear from my gay guys. >> >> stop the tape. >> these comments were made on media day on tuesday. as he was being interviewed on the lang show. who has worked for the radio shows in the past, including howard stern. in a statement released from the organization, it says that the san francisco 49ers rejected comments that were made yesterday. there's no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. we proudly serve the lgbt community. and they need to stay quiet about being gay. >> i appreciate your time and good luck at the game. >> reporter: some v
news station, kron 4 news starts now. his city has been hit by a tidal wave of violent crime. one person murdered every 48 hours so far this year. this might be the last thing you'd expect to hear from oakland's police chief: >> i feel today was like christmas >> pam: the explanation, straight ahead. in san francisco, a blurry surveillance video leads to the identification of a suspect in a tenderloin mugging. police say this man robbed a woman, then threw her dog into traffic. >> firefighters in contra costa face a day of reckoning. >> this is the first time in the history of this county that we've actually closed fire stations. >> pam: tonight they're giving residents the bad news. >> pam: but first. breaking news out of san francisco. where police are involved in a standoff with an armed man. kron 4's scott rates is live in the richmond district with the latest. scott? >> reporter: >> oi just checked with police and they are still confirming that he is barricaded himself inside. it is still a very active scene. this is as far up as i can get. as i show you this is the crisis ne
to a better night's sleep ♪ (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now with a developing story. >> pam: developing news tonight at eight o-clock. firefighters in oakland are mopping up a fire that raged through a vacant victorian style home. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. the fire broke out at the home on harrison street near interstate 880 just before 5-30 tonight. the flames furiously burned for an hour and a half. kron-4's scott rates has been on the scene all night. and joins us now with the latest. scott? >> reporter: pam, i just spoke with the battalion chief. they are treating this as a suspicious fire. let me show you what is left of 621 harrison the firefighters are still making sure that everything else is out. this is what it looked like with our helicopter partnership from abc seven. flames were shooting out of this home they had to work quickly before it spread to any other homes. antiphon i have learned tonight that the homo was vacant. when firefighters are right to they found something interesting. it was
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight at eight. police are actively investigating a shooting that has injured at least one officer in east oakland. this video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows the scene just hours ago we head out live to the area. that's where we find kron 4's jeff bush who has been following this story. jeff what's the latest? >> reporter: p.m., let me show you the car. pam, they were investigating this car crash. at 6:00 p.m., they heard gunshots. just a few blocks away, on 49th street the police and one police officer has been shot. and he has been taken to the hospital with none-life threatening injuries. that is all we know. the details are still forthcoming and we're still waiting for police chief, howard jordan. that is all we know. jeff bush, kron 4. >> pam: jeff, anything about the suspect? >> reporter: we are hearing that there has been one arrest. there was some information earlier that there could have been two people however, there has been one suspect are arrested. >> pam: thank y
is good. >> he is amazing. keep (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> it's the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade. the monumental supreme court case that gave women the right to choose to have an abortion. but decades later the controversy of the decision continues. and today both pro and pro choice activists rallied in san francisco. tens of thousands of demonstrators descended upon downtown san francisco and kron 's alecia reid was there to hear from both sides. >> reporter: that's right vicki, women are standing up all over the bay area to protect their right to choose. people from both sides rallied today. first stop, justin herman plaza. pro choice protestors were making their voices heard >> across the country 70% of people believe in row, so i'm optimistic we're gonna continue to move forward. >> reporter: it was 1973 when the supreme court recognized a woman's right to choose an abortion. this sea of people believe a medical decision should be made between a woman and her doctor.and say they each have to do their part to protect that choice
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing news tonight at five. the federal aviation administration has now grounded all boeing 7-87 dreamliner flights. this action comes after multiple problems with the planes in recent weeks. grant lodes is standing by with more, grant? a short time ago the f-a-a issued an emergency safety order - requiring u-s airlines to stop operating the 787 dreamliner - at least for until officials can sort out what's been causing these problems. the issues are primarily related to batteries on the plane.and the risk of fire caused by those batteries malfunctioning. dreamliner landing at san week.from of our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. this is boeing's newest, most technologically advanced plane. united airlines is the only u-s carrier that operates the dreamliners - united has six of the planes. in 15 minutes, we'll have more on the safety concerns, and the specific impact on bay area passengers. >> a quiet san jose neighborhood rocked by a bold attempt to steal a child. >> we are all pretty sha
- many people bundled up. good evening, i'm pam moore in the kron-4 weather center with jaqueline bennet. jacqueline - you're tracking this bay area wide cold snap? >> jacqueline: oit was very cold this morning reported temperatures right now in the 40's and '50's. 48 in san francisco, antioch and 50s in napa. temperatures are extremely cold tonight. the futurecast showing low temperatures. notice a lot of purple on your screen indicating temperatures in the 30's. temperatures even in the 20s in some areas that is a sexy what we are seeing with 20's through santa rosa, fairfield, pleasanton a. 25 degrees in napa. 20's in livermore. temperatures near freezing 33 and a san jose. we have a freeze morning and a frost advisory coming up will take a look get that and how long this cold spell is going to last. >> pam: the freezing temperatures, combined with wet pavement - making for some dangerous road conditions. this is video from the santa cruz mountains - you can see the black ice. more on this story, later tonight. >> but first - flu season is causing major problems across much of the cou
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: breaking news tonight at least two people gunned down in el cerrito. right now, police are on the scene near lincoln and stockton avenues.the gunman remains on the loose. this shooting happened at about 2 this afternoon , on a pedestrian path-way, known as the ohlone green. you're looking at video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. nearby schools -- fairmount elementary and el cerrito had been locked down. but as the search for a suspect moved on -- those lockdown are now lifted. no word yet on the condition of either victim. kron4 crews are on the way to the scene -- a live report ahead. >> a developing story out of the south bay but first tonight. san jose police on the hunt for a man who tried to abduct 13-year-old girl. investigators say it happened friday -- while the girl was walking down a street. the victim was able to escape. kron4's rob fladoe is live at the scene of the crime with more. rob what do we know about the kidnapper? >> reporter: we know that this man mean
(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>> next on kron4 news at five. a missing petaluma teenager is found dead in lake tahoe. kron4 is there live with police, as they try to figure out what happened. and a new report says firefighters at the chevron refinery fire may have actually made the problem worse. >>> the tragic end to a missing petaluma girl. >>> we did not expect this outcome but we are going to deal with this now the best the body of 19 year old alyssa byrne found behind a snow bank in south lake tahoe, less than a mile from attended new year's eve. >> ten feet off pioneer trail, right alongside the roadway >> reporter: the santa rosa junior college student last seen mileaway at a musci festival on new yrs eve stories... kron4's alecia reid is live in lake tahoe tonight. >> there were able to look up pretty high and see. where investigators are trying to piece together the chain of events which ended alecia? r >> we will take the body to the forensics and bess the cause of death >> reporter: the father is on the scene and his dealing
announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. par >> top stories we're working on this sunday, january 20th. a deadly shooting this weekend at an east bay bart station. details on what happened there. >> president obama being sworn into office this morning in a private ceremony. we'll tell you what else is in store come inauguration >> and the wait is almost over. as the 49ers take on the falcons today. bay area fans are ready. we'll have a live report from atlanta. for joining us. we'll have more on the top stories in just a moment, but first let's get a check of your forecast with janu. >> good morning, you are absolutely right. we can see another beautiful day but it is chilly with areas of the north bay it dealing with fog. however, for this evening clear and cool. taking a look at current conditions freezing. napa. 29 from the 11th consecutive morning so freezing temperatures in the inland areas. 20's in pleasanton. let us take a look at where those temperatures are headed on this beautiful day. if you are going to go to the los gatos areas, 60s. and also,
professional steam pocket mop. >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4 start now. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the 49ers are in the big easy. and while the superbowl is sunday at the games have already begun we will explain. >> one of wanna bve there devils shut down a bay area freeways to the little stuff striving. why video of their antics could be their downfall. >> and president obama has barely begun his second term. already people are looking to will replace them when it ends. >> >> good morning annny. it is a cold start to the morning. it does not bad compared to what we saw last week. temperatures in the '50s. there tonight mostly clear skies light winds in the forecast. everyone dropping to the '40's. a pretty mild today. upper '30's for santa rosa. 37 in vallejo. 37 in napa. mid '40's and oakland. 45 in san mateo. >> taking a look at the wind speeds we have strong winds of 18 mi. per hour along the coastal waters. national weather service did talk about the slight chance less than a 10 percent chance t
(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.tonight at six. a tragic end to the search for 19- year-old alyssa byrne. her body was discovered this morning. next at eight. a missing petaluma teenager is found dead in lake tahoe. kron4 is live there as police try to figure out what happened. and a vigil underway for the 19-year-old girl in petaluma tonight. as family and friends remember alyssa byrne graduated from the school, located. i'm catherine heenan. see you at eight! tonight at six. a tragic end to the search for 19-year- old alyssa byrne. her body was discovered this morning. friends and family are gathering in petaluma for a candlelight vigil. but first, we start our team coverage tonight in lake tahoe. kron4's philippe djegal is there live with the latest. philippe? >> reporter: last time the el dorado couny sheriff's department says crews planned on searching for alyssa byrne in the snow this morning. but before they left. she had already been found. dead and alone. >> this utility truck was of very high and was able to look over the embankment a
with a championship. and they know that we love them. gabe slate. kron 4 >> a's fans got to meet their favorite players today at team heads to arizona. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us many are still energized their team clinched the a-l west championship last season. they're hoping the a's can do it again this year.. >> reporter: ten thousand a's packed the oakland coliseum and oracle arena to see their favorite a's players. some stood in line for hours to get an autograph, snap a picture or even ask a question. >> looking forward to get to the area, and have a good time i miss these guys all lot. >> reporter: coco crisp, yoennis cespedes, a-j griffin, josh reddick, ryan cook and eric sogard. were just some of the players on hand to meet and greet fans. they signed baseballs, shirts and posters. some fans got a closeup look at the team's world series trophies from years past. mof the signature, up from a.j. it was amazing. my brother and i came to about ten games together. the moment we are big a's fans and we just got our season tickets. >> is a great up gratuity to meet the players, they're al
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing right now -- the california highway patrol is trying to track down the drivers in this video. this is what's called - a freeway sideshow -- cars doing doughnuts, on a busy freeway, right in the middle of the day. that story is ahead. but first tonight -- breaking news out of oakland. an 8-year-old child shot on 65-th avenue, near bancroft. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. -- kron4's reggie kumar is live at police headquarters tonight -- reggie, what do we know? >> reporter: this girl was the unintended target. she was standing on the corner when a vehicle drove off with several individuals inside and opened fire at another vehicle. the girl was hit in the crossfire. this was a classic drive-by shooting she was caught in the crossfire. she was hit in the left lake. she is expected to survive she was hit the left-wide. she is right now, at the oakland hospital. she was hit in the left leg. reggie kumar, kron 4. developing right now. police analyzing video of a danger
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> the top story is the fiscal cliff. they're just approved the votes to approve the fiscal cliff. this prevents tax hikes for the middle class. this magic number to pass was tutored 17. so it did receive. house speaker, john boehner voted " yes. this was the first sign and the next is the president's desk that should happen fairly soon. other big stories two people are killed in a crash after a police chase in san francisco's mission district. it's caught on south bay. our top story tonight.the fiscal cliff. the house is now voting on "fiscal cliff" tax increasesit looks as though the senate-approved bill will get enough votes to pass. for the middle class and earning over 450-thousandit also extends unemployment bill is 217. meaning thea police chase ends in a deadly crash. two people were killed this morning after a driver crashed into a liquor store in san francisco. this is surveillance video. a third person was badly injured. all the victims are in their 20's. >> while the remaining of this is b
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. violent crime on the rise. and right now: an overflow crowd at oakland's city council meeting. >> public safety is number one >> pam: the cash=strapped city debates whether to spend a quarter million dollars on controversial police consultant bill bratton supporters say he is the right man to lead the fight against crime in one of america's most violent cities. opponents say they have concerns. >> very valid concerns about bringing in a military=minded man like bratton to make things better. >> pam: right now at eight o-clock. the oakland city council is weighing whether or not to bring in police and security heavyweight bill bratton. to consult its beleagured police department. bratton formerly served as police chief in los angeles, and police commissioner in new york city and in boston. but last week. oakland residents voiced their concerns about bratton's controversial tactics. which include the "stop- and- frisk" policy. kron 4's terisa estacio is live in oakland tonight. where the city council
announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.his name is mr. teeth. >> you cannot tell if the kids get out of the container or not we do not really want to take that chance. >> pam: his name is mr. teeth...alameda county sheriff's deputies say, the alligator was guarding more than 30 pounds processed marijuana at the home of a drug dealer. assif mayar is in custody tonight at the santa rita jail. authorities say, mayar got the alligator to commemorate the death of rapper tupac shakur. kron 4's reggie kumar spoke with neighbors. who are stunned about this bizarre and dangerous discovery. >> reporter: when alameda county sheriff's special investigations unit discovered the alligator named mr. teeth. during an unannounced probation check at this home on mount jasper drive. the reptile was inside a bedroom in a large plexiglass container. the owner. 32 year old assif mayar had kept the five foot long more than 30 pound reptile 16 years. neighbor's say mayar, a woman and small child had been living in the home for two years. they say the owner had a lot of pit bulls, bu
(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: the probe into what led up to an oil tanker hitting the bay bridge. investigators say this isn't the pilot's first ship mishap. kron 4 is live with team coverage. the u-s being hit by anand doctors say, even if you *not be fully protected no oil spill, not much damage. but a lot of questions after an oil tanker sidswipes a bay bridge tower. 36 hours after it was due to leave the bay, the ship is still anchored off treasure island. coast guard officials are trying to determine the cause: (foghorn) >> winds, tides, fog or human error. >> those are all factors we will be looking at >> and we are learning more about the pilot, one of the highly paid and highly trained experts who guide ships in and out of the bay.this is not hisd first accident. >> not his first -- accident. >> he had three incidents in his file. >> pam: good evening, i'm pam moore. tonight, kron4's team coverage on the tanker hitting the bay bridge. starts with terisa estacio. she's live on treasure island. terisa? >> reporter: the coast g
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.a teenage suspect. tonight we know what he was after. >> scary and kind fo disgusting. >>> in san francisco. surveillance cameras reveal the face of a man accused of a shocking crime against a woman and her dog. and oakland. the mayor explains why she is handing out debit cards to people who entered this country illegally. >> sometimes federal laws are not just. >> catherine: tonight at eight. controversy over oakland's plan to issue municipal i-d cards to illegal immigrants. mayor jean quan and city leaders defend the program as a way to help fight the high crime rate.. but as kron 4's reggie kumar reports - the program may violate federal law. >> reporter: this is what oakland's municipal i-d card will look like. it will show a picture of the card holder, and list their name address date of birth, hair and eye color, weight and height. but, the person's sex will not be included, after concerns were raised by transgender advocates. city officials say the added benefit is that it can be used as a debit
(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> through the fog. the investigation into yesterday's bay bridge crash is gaining momentum. (fog horn) >> the pilot is called one of the most skilled in the bay. but his record is not spotless. >> he had three incidents in his file >> we asked the experts about the challenges of navigating a cargo ship on the bay. >> somebody did something wrong. >> and talk to the coast guard about possible human error. >> that is something we always consider >> pam: tonight at eight. the 'overseas reymar' is still anchored in the bay between alcatraz and treasure island. the coast guard still trying to figure out how it could have hit a tower on the western span of the bay bridge. for the very latest on the investigation. we go live to kron-4's terisa estacio. on treasure island. terisa? r >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling this a tragedy with one half million dollars as many independent agencies are causing and starting their own investigation. how did this happen? many people are askin
for joining us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4 start now. >> at mother is waiting francis this morning as police swarming san francisco home. they are digging for clues in the cold case of 10 year-old kevin collins who went missing almost 30 years ago. >> good morning it is wind's aim anny hong . >> i am james. it was back in 1984 when 10 year-old kevin collins went missing. he was last seen leaving basketball practice at st. agnes school in the haight . >> we have a map that shows the important location the story. after living say agnes school cannon was last seen at a bus stop on oak street and masonic. the bones that police on earth are located in a home on masonic near page street. we've since learned of the maize appear to have belonged to an animal and are not human although investigators say more testing needs to be done. kron 4 spoke to kevin collins mother over the phone. she shared her thoughts. moments after the police told her about initial search at a home. >> i have been numb that is al
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